Buying your first home.


Buying a home can be incredibly overwhelming. It's the first thing that can be pushed back. However, knowing the steps now is always the best way to get started. Here is a few tips on getting started to preparing for your first home purchase!

1. Talk with a lender. Any real estate agent will have a handful of contacts to get started. This is a great time to ask questions such as points, first time home buyer benefits, and to get pre- qualified for a price point. A lender will require the following, sooo  go pull these items out of your file:

  • Employment history
  • Monthly Income
  • Debt owed
  • Credit Score
  • 2 years if tax returns.

2. Interview and work with an Agent. We always recommend to meet and interview a few real estate agents to find the right one that reflects your needs. We recommend you ask if they do the following.

  • set up a custom search for you to be sent to your email.
  • Help you be well prepared in all cases in a purchase process.

3. Decide on neighborhoods, school districts etc. Drive around and find your favorite areas! Make a day of it!

4. Once you are pre-approved from a Lender- you and your agent can start looking! 

It's not overwhelming and the right agent for you will make the process incredibly easy!

Disclaimer: We are a real estate company. Please consult a legal and tax expert before using any of these strategies.