How to Purchase a Home...

Here is a great image in how the home buying process! Jeremy and I love working with first time home buyers from finding to possessing the home of their dreams. Feel free to contact us at 623-234-0262  to set up a free search for you! We want to notify you the same moment when new homes on the market come available. 

Thank you to Melinda Johnson from Premier Title for making the process that much easier by creating such an awesome visual aid!

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Buying your first home.


Buying a home can be incredibly overwhelming. It's the first thing that can be pushed back. However, knowing the steps now is always the best way to get started. Here is a few tips on getting started to preparing for your first home purchase!

1. Talk with a lender. Any real estate agent will have a handful of contacts to get started. This is a great time to ask questions such as points, first time home buyer benefits, and to get pre- qualified for a price point. A lender will require the following, sooo  go pull these items out of your file:

  • Employment history
  • Monthly Income
  • Debt owed
  • Credit Score
  • 2 years if tax returns.

2. Interview and work with an Agent. We always recommend to meet and interview a few real estate agents to find the right one that reflects your needs. We recommend you ask if they do the following.

  • set up a custom search for you to be sent to your email.
  • Help you be well prepared in all cases in a purchase process.

3. Decide on neighborhoods, school districts etc. Drive around and find your favorite areas! Make a day of it!

4. Once you are pre-approved from a Lender- you and your agent can start looking! 

It's not overwhelming and the right agent for you will make the process incredibly easy!

Disclaimer: We are a real estate company. Please consult a legal and tax expert before using any of these strategies.